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OneNote 2007 Sort Pages 1.0

OneNote 2007 Sort Pages sorts pages from your OneNote notebook
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OneNote 2007 Sort Pages is an add-on for OneNote to help organize the pages of your notebooks. This is a very straightforward application with one-step installation and no configuration options. To order your pages alphabetically all you have to do is find the new button and click it.

If you work long enough with OneNote you will find yourself using the find tool more and more. All the organization of this Microsoft application, structuring information in pages, sections, and notebooks keeps things in place, but eventually there will be too many pages to keep in mind. OneNote 2007 Sort Pages can help.

This is, in fact, a missing feature in OneNote. However, notice that this add-on is not from Microsoft, meaning it is just a very simple ordering algorithm. There is no undo function, and you are advised to back up your data before using it. That said, there is no secret to using it. Open the pages you want to order on the screen and press the newly installed button. That is all there is to it.

There is also a similar tool to sort sections, called OneNote 2007 Sort Sections.

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  • Very simple
  • Useful feature missing in OneNote


  • No undo
  • No options
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